The Salt Raker Inn -Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies
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 The Salt Raker Inn -Turks and Caicos Islands, British West IndiesGreat location

Reviewed 24 February 2018

I made reservation via email. Communication with Erika is trouble-free, fast. Salt Laker Inn has good position for exploring the whole island by foot (in the middle), my room was spacious, clean, AC available (I didnt use it), a beach 5 metres away :)

Reviewed 29 March 2017

Fabulous location, excellent value for money

We're Canadian seniors, in the middle of a two-week stay. Can't say enough good things about the place, and Erika, the manager. The beach is a few steps away, the road that runs alongside the place is the most attractive on the island, the main restaurants are here and a few steps away, the dive centres are a few steps away, the sunsets are marvellous and you can watch them from the balcony.

Reviewed 20 January 2017

Cozy little paradise

Thank you, Erika for your great assistance during my short stay. The room was a suite in upstairs and had an excellent view of ocean. The room was well equipped and I felt like I am in a nice city hotel. Erika helped me to solve logistic issues when I changed my itinerary on site. Without her, I could not have achieved wonderful moments in the island. I loved Grand Turk and would like to come back again. This place has an historical charm and beauty. Staying at Salt Raker Inn is as if I was in the classic movie setting.

Reviewed 4 January 2017

Great Long Weekend!!!

Super staff! Inviting 1840s Behamian beach house. In the middle of everything! Good restaurant and bar! Lots of locals. Gritty but beautiful! I loved this place. And it was a good value! Very casual and relaxing! I'll be back.

Reviewed 10 November 2016

A great fun- friendly place!

Me and my husband stayed here for four nights. It was awesome. The island itself is small so you kind of run out of things to do. The salt rakers restaurant has the best servers. Rochelle and Ruby take care of you. They are personable and made me laugh. They don't put on a fake show but they are great. We had friends stay at a "nice" house up north and they wished they stayed here too. The room has everything you need (There's a restaurant down stairs). The history and the age was cool to us. We stayed ocean front in Provo for two days before we came here and spent WAY more for a room and this one was WAY closer to the water. Grand Turk is still pricey for everything else you buy .
You can hear the waves crash in the room. We rented a gold cart for a couple days, call around before you get down here our friends got a much better deal than us. We paid eighty US dollars a day.

Reviewed 4 August 2016

What a Holiday!

Erica and her girls are just so good. we totally enjoyed our time there. We stayed 3 weeks and were totally cared for by Erica and her girls. Ruby in the Restaurant and Bar is second to none. She really knows how to look after her dining guests whilst all the other staff support her extremely well. A totally well worth it holiday!

Reviewed 8 May 2016

Old world West Indies

To start with: I think that the Salt Raker should really be listed as small hotel, not a B&B. In any event, having last stayed there in the 1990s, I returned in April for two weeks. Here are my impressions: The room was a good size, clean and had all the necessary basics for a longer stay, i.e. refrigerator, AC, wifi.
What really makes this place special is its staff, especially Ruby who runs the bar and Mitzy, the Jamaican cook. Their bar keeping and culinary talents aside, they are a wealth of information and local gossip. So if you're ever starved for good food and entertainment, spend an evening at the Salt Rakers bar (which has changed very little in 20 years) and you won't be disappointed. Bottom line: Good value for money for experienced travellers, in a superb location!

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